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KLR Marketing School
Orange - 27th - 29th May, 2024
Cloncurry - 14th -16th October, 2024

Emerald - 22nd - 24th October, 2024
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27th - 29th May
22nd - 24th October
14th - 16th October
At the KLR School you will learn simple, powerful and proven livestock sell/buy strategies that have been developed to maximise your cash flow while minimising the market risk. Make a profit and have cashflow throughout the whole market cycle!
Our school provides you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to profit from your livestock no matter what the market direction is.

Welcome to the KLR School - where you learn to profit from your livestock, regardless of market direction!

The most difficult decisions we face as producers are knowing what to sell, when to buy, and how to guarantee a profit.

We are inundated with market intelligence and so-called ‘experts’ telling us what the market has done and what it is going to do.

The KLR Marketing school is applicable to every livestock producer, cattle breeder, sheep breeder and backgrounders of those livestock.

We teach you the principles and application of those principles in order for you to maximise cashflow and profit in your livestock business.

The KLR formulae will, perhaps for the first time give you the decision making framework to put you in control of your marketing.

Traditionally we seem to be always considering ......

  • Do we sell?
  • Do we hold?
  • Will the market go up?
  • Will the market go down?
  • Will it rain or not?
  • What will happen next week?

The KLR School takes a whole new look at the way we manage our :

Grass  -  Money  -  Livestock

Do you know:

  • Which animals are overpriced and which animals are underpriced on today’s market?
  • The price relationship between what we have to sell and what we can buy, today?
  • That if you are a breeder you are a livestock trader?
  • What it costs you to produce a weaner?
  • When the best time is to Sell and when the best time is to Buy?
  • How confident would you feel, knowing that you have the answers to these questions and the information you needed to make better decisions about the future of your livestock business
  •  AND be able to PROFIT in any market?                                      

At the 2 day school you will:

  • What determines which animals are overpriced or underpriced
  • How to act on this knowledge
  • What really drives markets
  • The key to breeding profitably
  • That profit can be made in a falling market.


    That no one really knows which direction the market will take or when

    • If you are a breeder you are a trader
    • Your cost of carry has a direct effect on market values
    • Your most important asset is the grass you grow and the most important decision you will make is how well you sell it
    • Livestock values are one thing, the value of your grass is another. The interrelationship between the two is what represents the true market value.

    Be Able To

      • Calculate whether animals are overpriced or underpriced
      • Balance your Grass, Money and Livestock
      • Protect your equity
      • Determine the true value of your grass
      • Calculate your Cost of Carry and its crucial effect on your marketing decision

      Your KLR School Trainers

      Grahame Rees, Mel Kiel and Geoff Wearing
      Co-Teach the KLR School

      You will go home with knowledge and tools to make a profit and have cash-flow throughout the whole market cycle. 


      • To know how to calculate your Cost of Carry for each livestock enterprise. 
      • To know which overpriced animals to sell and which underpriced animals to keep. 
      • To be able to determine the true value of your grass. 
      • To market your animals profitably.

      Breeders and Backgrounders

      The KLR school covers the key principles every livestock producer should know, whether they be a cattle breeder, sheep breeder or backgrounders of those livestock. 

      Breeders of Cattle and Sheep: We cover breeding profitably, where you will know what it costs you to produce a weaner and the cost of breeding your replacements. With this knowledge you will know when to sell and when to hold to maximise cashflow and profit.

      Backgrounding and Trading: Many livestock producers, breeders included use backgrounding as a way of managing the ups and downs of seasonal conditions. The KLR Marketing principles will give you the tools and strategies to ensure you know which animals to buy, which animals to sell and which animals to keep.

      Your Investment for the 2 ½ Days
      First Person : $1980 inc gst
       2nd Person : $1485 inc gst
      Repeat : $825 (inc gst) per person
      When you register we require a Deposit of $275 per person

      We at KLR believe that this information can benefit couples so much more when both partners attend, therefore we offer a special price for a 2nd or 3rd person from the same family business.

      Which means, if you are not happy with what you have learnt over the 2 1/2 days, we will pay you back your original investment, in FULL!

      Lunches, Morning and Afternoon Tea are provided and are included in the above price.

      Pre-Register For
      Cloncurry, Emerald & Orange in 2024

      27th - 29th May
      22nd - 24th October
      14th - 16th October
       Registration is a 2 stage process.
      Step 1. Register below for the school you wish to attend
      Step 2. After submitting that form you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to pay your deposit of $275 per person.
      You can choose to pay your deposit by Card or EFT 

      Note we prefer you pay your deposit by Card. Your place is not secured until the deposit has been paid.
      Where do you hold KLR Schools?  We  usually hold  KLR schools in Orange NSW,  Roma QLD, Emerald QLD and Geelong Vic. If you would like one to come to your region please Contact Us via this link or - Ph: 0428953925
      Does the KLR school apply to a breeder?  The KLR school covers both breeding and backgrounding of sheep and cattle. In fact we spend the whole of the 2nd morning on breeding profitability.  

      What do we go home with after the KLR School? You will receive a  comprehensive manual and a flash drive loaded with  KLR Calculators  and training videos.

      Do you offer support for Graduates of the KLR School?  You will be invited to join our unique KLR Mastermind program at the school where we offer some more comprehensive calculators, access to the 30 Second Market Report© ~ Member website with training videos, newsletters ~ Coaching and mentoring teleconference and be able to attend Mastermind days.
      Do you have an APP Calculator that will work on your phone?  The KLR App is a web based app (you need internet coverage) that allows you to calculate your marketing options anywhere anytime on any device.
      Do we need to pay a deposit? To ensure you secure a place at the KLR school you wish to attend, we require a non refundable deposit of $275 inc gst per person.
      You will be invoiced the remaining school fees 8 week prior to the school.

      What is the investment required to attend a KLR school? The investment is $1980 inc GST for the 1st person in a business and $1485 inc GST for consecutive people from the same business. Repeat price is $825 inc GST
      How long does the KLR school go for? The KLR school is 2 and  1/2 days, On Day 1 we cover the 5 principles of marketing. Day 2 we cover breeding profitability, and simulate the real experience with our trading game "Who Ate My Grass?" On day 3 we spend 1/2 a day on how to get started when you get back home.
      I am not used to being in a classroom environment, will the KLR school be too complicated for me to understand?  The KLR School is a relaxed learning environment that is designed to cater for all levels of skills. We ensure we have enough resources to give you the time you need to learn each step of the way.
      Who will be teaching the KLR school?  The KLR School is taught by Grahame Rees, Mel Kiel and Geoff Wearing with Jim Lindsay often attending many of the schools as support. Grahame, Mel and Geoff deliver together as a team at each school.
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