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Rod Knight 
Remembering Rod Knight

8th December, 1962 - 26th June 2021

Rod Knight passed away suddenly at his family property near Tamworth on 26th June, 2021.

Rod played a pivotal role in the development of the KLR Marketing school, the KLR Mastermind and was a World Class Educator. Rod  touched, moved and inspired people in rural Australia  with both his teaching and personal mentoring.

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Rod was a fifth generation beef producer and grew up at Coonabarabran on his family’s property. In 1986 Rod won a scholarship, sponsored by the CWA, that enabled him to spend 4 months in the USA and Canada studying beef production,processing and marketing. On his return Rod worked as Executive Assistant to the chairman of the Meat industry Authority and later on (1993) becoming a producer elected board member of the Authority.

Having completed Grazing for Profit and Executive Link Programs, Rod, his wife Isobel and their three children ran their beef breeding and fattening operation at Binnaway. Rod returned to the US in 2003 with Jim & Grahame to study under Bud Williams and develop Buds’ marketing techniques for Australia. Now based at Tamworth Rod predominantly trades cows & young cattle using the Sell/Buy methodology. Rod also has experience trading futures in the commodity market.

Through Rod’s involvement in the KLR Marketing School and Low Stress Stock Handling School he has a natural teaching ability balanced with real life practical experience to encourage producers to consider different approaches to managing their livestock and their operations.


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Jim Lindsay
Jim and Terry Lindsay live at Hughenden in Western Qld.
Besides running  a cattle operation, Jim developed the Low Stress Stockhandling school which has seen people attend LSS schools all over Australia.

Since attending Buds Marketing school Jim has been successfully using his strategies and principles.

Low Stress Stockhandling :
Grahame Rees
 Operations Manager

Grahame a 4th generation sheep and wool producer, who grew up on the family property at Ivanhoe in western NSW.

On completing his schooling, Grahame spent two years at Longreach Pastoral College where he developed his passion for people, livestock and the rangelands. Grahame has spent the last 20 years with his wife Ros and two children, on their property “Peneena” near Ivanhoe, building on his knowledge, as well as participating in programs such as Grazing for Profit and Executive Link.

In 1999 Grahame was able to spend some time with Bud Williams on his visit to Australia,which ignited an interest in Low Stress Stockhandling.Over the next couple of years Grahame and Ros experienced the benefits of handling livestock using Bud's methods. In 2002 Grahame joined with Jim Lindsay  to deliver LSS schools right across Australia, now assisting 1,000's of  livestock handlers to improve their livestock handling.

After spending 3 weeks with Rod visiting Bud & Eunice in Texas, Grahame, along with his partners spent the next 12 months developing the KLR Marketing school. He is passionate about sharing both LSS and KLR Marketing because they both open up the opportunity to everyone involved in the livestock industry's.

Mel Kiel
 KLR School Trainer

Mel lives at Yeoval, Central West NSW, on a small, productive & profitable cattle grazing property with her husband and 2 teenage daughters. They run a Cattle trading enterprise & alongside this, a successful mobile diesel mechanic business.

Mel grew up on property near Tamworth and has early experience as a nurse in country hospitals. She is passionate about mental & physical wellness on farms - which she believes forms a sound base in the ability to make effective decisions under stress.

Mel is a graduate of the KLR Marketing School and has practiced the principals in her own business for over 17 years and in 2023 became a trainer of the 2.5-day KLR school. Mel is also plays an active role in the KLR Mastermind program.

Mel has had a 10 year career in Landcare, supporting & educating Farmers in the Central West, completing many courses in this time including those in Mental Health, Holistic Management, RCS- GrazingforProfit, PROGRAZE, preg testing.
Conversations in negotiations with Allan Parker and most recently, a facilitator with the Drought Resilience Leadership Program.
These experiences have  formed a bank of knowledge both learnt and lived which she draws on a daily basis when supporting Livestock graziers throughout several states.
Mel is working with Jim and Grahame, developing her skills as a KLR school trainer and mentoring Mastermind members.  

Mel is passionate about using grass & livestock to produce a landscape that is both profitable yet resilient in a variable climate.

Geoff Wearing
KLR School Trainer

Born and raised on a property in the Hughenden district of western Queensland, Geoff, in his early career spent 11 years as an instructor at the Longreach Pastoral College developing his passion and skill for training people.

Geoff and his wife Linda returned to his parent’s property in 2005 to transition and expanded into a business of their own. This business has developed into a grass-fed beef cattle operation consisting of breeding, trading and agistment enterprises. Grazing management consists of Time Control and Rotational grazing systems.

Geoff is a graduate of the RCS Grazing for Profit, Executive Link, Applied Grazing, Ruminant Nutrition and Quantum Leap 1 programs, has also completed MLA’s Grazing Land Management and Nutrition Edge workshops.
Geoff has been a practitioner of the KLR and LSS principles since the early 2000’s.
Geoff and his family travelled to the USA in 2018 on a group tour, which included attending the Bud Summit and visiting multiple leading ranchers across the USA. The experience added to and challenged their repertoire of land and livestock management skills.
Geoff is working with Jim and Grahame, developing his skills as a KLR school trainer.

Geoff is enjoying exercising his passion for training people with the opportunity of delivering the KLR principles to benefit the livestock industry.

Kaye Barr
KLR School Coordinator

Kaye has been associated with the Rural Industry for a large part of her life, growing up in the Muttaburra district of Central Western Queensland, with an interlude in Townsville for university and employment with the ATO. She then married and settled back on a sheep and cattle property in the Hughenden district.

After 15 years or so, a sea change was made to Yeppoon. There the association with rural business continued during employment with RCS.
Currently she and Peter live at the QLD Sunshine Coast, where she has a Bookkeeping Business.

Kaye is here to assist you with your enquiries and bookings to attend a KLR School.  One of the most satisfying aspects of her role is hearing the changes that occur in Businesses and People as a result of applying the marketing strategies.

Sam Rice
  KLR Mastermind Coordinator

Sam has coordinated the KLR Mastermind for a few years now and is passionate about ensuring mastermind members know what is available as well as helping update subscriptions.

Sam is responsible for the daily KLR 30 Second Marketing reports. If you are a graduate she will be the person to get you set up as a KLR Mastermind Member.

Sam is here to assist Mastermind Members with subscriptions and updates.  One of the most satisfying aspects of her role is getting to know the characters and personalities of the members

Ashley Boston
 KLR Online Digital Marketing

Ashley is responsible for KLR's online digital marketing presence.

Managing Social Media Channels as well as paid advertising.

If you message us via Facebook or Instagram you will be greeted by Ashley.

Bud Williams (1932-2012)
An Original Thinker, a Hard Taskmaster, a Brilliant Mind.

To live to be of a certain age is an achievement, and to live a life which is full and interesting is something that many of us can only reflect upon.

Not so the life of Bud Williams, his life on the whole has been one of many accomplishments.

So it is an honour to pay our respects to a man who has been productive and successful in his life’s work and whose path is marked by considerable achievements.

Bud Williams was one of the few individuals who powerfully influenced the world in which he lived.

He simply did what he believed was right, never any fanfare or emotion, just clear, simple and concise. Bud never tried to complicate life or business and he sometimes couldn’t understand why ‘we’ couldn’t see or get things. For him, it was simple.

His purpose in life, he said, was to make things better … for animals and for agriculture and he did this the world over. He never set out to do that, it just came into being and he and Eunice saw a need.

His approach to stock handling and livestock marketing was as unique as he was.  They were truly pioneering and ground breaking.

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